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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is the ability of an organisation to know, understand and manage the nature and level of Risks that threaten the realization of the company's mission and objectives by taking responsibility for the Risks and activities that aim to maintain stakeholder trust. The basic concept of ERM is now used for about 15 years in various industries. Changing regulations, economic turmoil and the increasing complexity of products, tools and the Risks, together with other influences, have contributed to ERM being more often placed in organisations. But ERM is still at an early stage of development. The successful realization of ERM can only partly be designed based on theory. Practical experiences are essential to avoid being caught in already known pitfalls. GRiP has built up that experience over the past 30 years by realizing a structured approach to identifying, measuring, controlling and reporting on the important Risks to which an organisation is exposed. Specific Risk management areas (e.g. credit, operations, market), capital management and liquidity management provide the essential foundations of an ERM framework.

Operational Risk Management

GRiP is at the forefront of the development of ORM since 2002. Operational Risk is defined as the Risk of losses due to inadequate or failing internal processes, people and systems or due to external events, but can better be the Risk arising from the execution of an organisation's business processes. Operational Risk exists in every organisation, regardless of the size or complexity of the organisation and certainly not only in the financial sector. Examples of operational Risks are process disruption, internal and external fraud, non-compliance with internal policies and confidentiality loss. Not only should the costs of the occurrence of operational Risks be analysed, but the focus should be on managing operational Risks. GRiP carries out assignment’s at large organisations, but also at medium-sized and not-for-profit organisations, both at corporate level and in the business line. GRiP has experience with all aspects of Operational Risk Management, from the identification of Risks to the establishment of an Operational Risk Management framework and the translation of information needs in the field of ORM into concrete dashboards and reports. GRiP is closely involved in the quantification of Risks and incidents for a large international bank.

(GRC) Tooling Support

Within the 3 competencies GRC, Audit and Business Intelligence, GRiP and its consultants have years of experience in selecting, designing, developing and maintaining leading software applications. It is often a surprise to the management organisation what the newly purchased software or update of existing ones entails, what possibilities there are and what the effect is on their daily work. GRiP provides hands-on tool support, advises you during the selection and supports you in the field of functional implementation. GRiP can also support you in tool integration, by developing and delivering modern interfaces.

Who we are

GRiP is a company that provides a total package of services and products from various disciplines in the field of Internal Control, Risk Management, Audit, Information Security, Information Management and Data Governance. GRiP is led by highly experienced professionals in these fields.
Danny has over 30 years of experience in the field of Risk Management, Audit and leading projects for the realization of Risk and Audit management at large organisations. He has extensive knowledge of Audit, Compliance and Risk & Control frameworks. In addition, he has led and supported various projects for the selection and implementation of, among other things, GRC systems. For his projects, he has been in direct contact with the board and management of large, complex organisations and has managed project teams with professionals. In addition to computer science education, Danny has followed the postgraduate IT auditing and has successfully passed the CISA exam.
The power of GRiP is an extensive network of professionals that can work as 1 team to serve your organisation.

Our Vision

Our Vison on Risk Management is that "one approach fits all" does not exist. Its design will have to be tailor-made for each organisation, based on the following core elements:

  • Organisation objectives at different levels;
  • Maturity of the organisation with respect to Risk Management;
  • The position of the organisation in society;
  • Applicable laws and regulations;
  • The culture, which is often specific to a sector and/or an organisation.
In addition to thorough knowledge of Risk Management, its effective implementation requires a close control over and monitoring of the quality of the data used in the implementation of Risk Management and on the provision of information to the directors of an organisation. Effective Risk management cannot do without effective information management.

Other Services


Data Governance & Information Management

A vast amount of data is already accessible from the outside. Data can be in your on-premises systems in cloud, on tablets, on mobile phones, or on systems that are not managed by your organisation. Adequate Information Management and Data Governance are more important than ever before. Different rules apply to this external approach to your data, who can see What Where and When? GRiP can support you customers with the design and implementation of Data Governance and the Information Management processes and products.

Business Intelligence

Self Service BI products (like Power BI, Tableau) are becoming more and more accessible and your (internal) customers get more and more familiar with the possibilities of these products. Building a report will be realized within minutes with the help of several wizards. External data sources and analysis tools are accessible to everyone and before you know it, your customer has linked them to your business data, performed the analysis and defined his findings as the truth. Now, Self Service BI is a fact and not managing it is a Risk, because of – at least – inconsistencies. And yet you will still be responsible for the "Single version of the Truth".
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Information Security

To prevent is better than to cure. That certainly applies to the field of Information Security. Who is not aware of the threats of hacking, ransomware, phishing, loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability of data and information? And do you know all the information belonging to your organisation that you should protect? When you run into a security incident, in many cases it’s too late to resolve the causes of the incident and to limit the impact. Setting up and implementing a consistent Information Security policy according to ISO 27001 will help making your organisation aware of the security threats and vulnerabilities and to take adequate controls to limit the likelihood and impact of information security incidents. GRiP can support you, with tailormade solutions, based on global and industry standards. To control your business!

We define & deliver a

Tailored Made Approach

Our Vison on Risk Management is that "one approach fits all" does not exist. Its design will have to be tailor-made for each organisation.Effective Risk management cannot do without effective information management.

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