Welcome to the site of GRiP consultancy.

Since 1990, GRiP has been working in complex environments, providing services to organisations to better manage their (information) risks and achieving their objectives.

GRiP focuses on ensuring that risk management adds value to the organisation, is well understood and is as much as possible integrated with daily business, without adding bureaucracy. GRiP has been building up and seeking collaboration with high quality teams with organisation sensitivity that deliver professional, qualified services, use clear communication and are able to influence positively. Where possible, GRiP supports you in applying technology (software) to structure your risk management activities, to enable an organisation wide approach and consistent and easily available management information. Our drive is to achieve an increase of the risk management capabilities and nmaturity of an organisation with a risk profile that fits the risk appetite.

A specific focus of GRiP in the area of Risk Management is Information Security. You will find more on our expertise on the Service Offerings page.